Happy New Year: 2018

I could easily write a novel about my shortcomings this past year, both personally as a wife/mother and professionally as an owner/operator.

I don’t often use the word regret, I try to save it exclusively for turning down an invitation to something. I do however allow my mind to wonder and sometimes say things like, “do you ever wonder what life would be like if X…” to Matt. He quickly squashes my thought bubble with something like, “No. No I don’t. This is my life and I love it. There’s no sense wondering about would could have been. It’s not, and this is it, and it’s perfect.”  Ok, maybe he doesn’t say it’s perfect, but he does live in the moment and truly embodies the sentiment of “no regrets.” It’s one of the things I really admire about him. Not much gets him down or derails him from a goal – he’s always forging ahead and not looking back.

This time last year we almost let go of Global Event Group. Around the time we discovered we were pregnant with twins (numbers 3 & 4), Matt began a new venture and that snowballed into even another venture. I was basically immobile prior to (and after, tending to 2 tiny newborns) the birth of the girls and he was knee deep in building and running additional companies.

Neither of us truly had our head in the game at Global anymore and what was once a passion seemed to become just another ball we were juggling. Something had to give and in the heat of the moment it seemed like Global was the answer (although if you caught me on the wrong day I may have suggested one of the kids needed to pack a bag and hit the road!).

Simply selling the company didn’t feel right. We had literally built something from the ground up with our two oldest kids in tow – their milestones commingling with the company’s milestones. We needed to find the right person. We met with several local (and some not local) parties and while each of their stories were different – they all had the same hesitancy. How were they going to carry on what Matt had built. There is an art to entertaining and it’s not all teachable. The sheer volume of our event load worried them, but one out-of-town group was excited by the opportunity to expand their portfolio and so we began discussing how a transition would look.

The holiday season came and went quickly last year – with four kids and a full house of relatives the days seemed to fly by. However, we talked often about the excitement and fear of letting go of the only real work we had known as a married couple. We should have crunched numbers likely, but ultimately the decision was personal and so we let our heart lead us.

January 2017 – the picture came back into focus and it was clear no one in our family (big kids included) was ready to close the chapter. So while we had turned down many new clients and old business in 2016 in preparation to downsize and somehow transition, we spent this year growing it all back (oh the irony!) Not once did Matt mutter the words many may have… “what if we never would have put on the brakes? What if we would have stayed on track with Global?” But, as I think about just that I know that: our passion and drive to be the best in our field along with our continued efforts to be innovative and customer service oriented, may have fizzled out.  The break allowed us to refocus and desire greatness from ourselves and our team again.

So with the fresh new year ahead we are excited to step on the gas and challenge ourselves to be our own biggest competitor this coming year. We are energized to bring more of our dreams into fruition and to fill another year with no regrets. Cheers to 2018!