Event Family

As January is coming to an end, the cool weather will also soon be wrapping up, leading us into Spring and the beginning of our travel season. The events that take us away from home for weeks on end, are some of our most challenging but equally rewarding days.

Large-scale catering is largely a game of logistics. Multi-day events set-up in obscure locations with little resources, are where our company thrives. The thrill
of piecing the puzzle together (largely while the finished picture changes half a dozen times) is not only something we are good at, it is where we find the most satisfaction. The level of intimate relationships that must be built with other vendors and clients in order to produce a quality event, leave us with new additions to our families. We watch each other’s children grow up, attend weddings and celebrate life with one another. It’s truly a gift.

I never quite know how to describe what our company does. Sure, we cater and plan events – but there’s so much more to it. Every detail from the time a guest opens their invitation, to leaving the event, must be carefully planned and executed. We anticipate emotions and build a plan to surpass all of our expectations, especially the client.

I love the freedom and constraints an event gives us, equally. It’s an odd juxtaposition of rules, but I think it’s what makes our jobs more exciting!

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