The Mountains Called

Every year the mountains call our name (or rather, the producer of The MusicFest trip calls the office – but you get the idea).  A week in the snow, catering for our Texas Country Music family, isn’t exactly a bad gig!

As I write this, our event production team is packing their bags and tidying up the house one last time (seriously guys, please don’t forget to clean!) before making their way to the open road or sky. Since 2004, Global has started each and every year at the base of Mt. Warner – and we couldn’t be more honored.

The new year brings about a lot of change for many people – new routines, more exercising, less wasted time, better eating habits or more spiritual time.  It is the fresh start that we often need to pull ourselves out of a rut and start again. I have some friends who don’t “do resolutions” and I get it, I truly do.  They feel it’s a cop-out of sorts and as if change can start anytime, which is true, but I say use whatever motivation you need and if that is the dawn of a new year ahead, great! I feel the needed change for the company every year and Steamboat has been that fresh start – the reset we all seem to need after a very busy fall season. Our team comes together in one house, working together, spending down time together and breaking bread, meal after meal, for a week.  For over 15 years we’ve been serving most of the same Texas Country Musicians and their crews and the familiar faces, friendships and gratitude we receive in return remind us each each why we do what we do. We put the hours in, the hard-work, the commitment to our clients because of THEM.


I love that as our team journeys back to Texas today, they have grown closer and more excited about the year to come. Off-site, large-scaled catering is not the line of business for those who need extreme routine or quiet downtime during their work day – it is fast paced, unpredictable, long hours. It is making the perfect plan only to abandon the timeline and start from scratch, during the event. It’s high energy and high expectations and customer service first – always. But, it is our passion.  Our team is committed to their work, to providing the best of themselves each and every day for each and every event.  They lean on one another and catch their teammates before they fall. It truly is remarkable how fortunate we have been over the years to work with so many passionate, skilled and dedicated people.

Now hurry home guys – we have a lot of events to plan!

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