In Between Moments

We talk a lot about in between spaces at events and our venues. It’s all those small details that help bring a project together. Using those discrete spaces to continue to tell a story. Whether it’s a purposefully placed vase of flowers or small unobtrusive fountain to help fill a void between box hedges, the small details matter. Much like a beautiful taffeta ribbon is tied delicately around a package, those in between spaces can often act as the finishing touches.

Looking at the new year ahead, I am realizing how important in between moments are as well.  I am currently reading “Present over Perfect” by Shauna Niequist and her chapter “Stars” echoed these very thoughts I had. It was impactful to see my own thoughts in black and white on the pages in front of me. As she talks about the bass players her husband is so fond of, how the most beautiful thing about their music is the space in between the notes, I know how vitally important the in between moments will be for me and our family this year.

For 15 years now our home life and work life have been so intertwined it’s nearly impossible to separate the two. To be honest, that’s why it felt so right to create a blog that chronicles both in the same space. Our successes at work are our successes at home. Our children are well versed, too versed actually, in the ins and outs of the company: our next projects and what we are excited about or struggling with. I had to remind our 10 year old today that we will never be a 9 am to 5 pm family. That’s why we travel as much as we can with our kids. That’s also why we carve out odd weekends or late nights to spend time together. We’ve always had to be creative in making our time together count and for the longest time I carried guilt in this. Missing school functions, being away for several nights or forgetting something one of our children deemed important – it’s the hardest parts of running a company sometimes. But, our non-traditional work hours have given us far more than I ever could have dreamed. It’s put us on the road for 50 days with our entire family (touring 15 states and 2 countries!) as well as introduced us to hundreds of new friends, some who have become an extended family for us. It’s taught us more about life and friendship and hard work and disappointment and pride and humility and selflessness than I can imagine any other work doing.

So, I am committed in 2018 to find those special in between moments during the fast-paced days ahead. I want to take our messy life and busy event schedule and never-ending dreams for new ventures, and I want to tie a beautiful taffeta ribbon around it all and place it to the side to make room for the quiet and the car rides to school and the small conversations that I too often gloss over. I too quickly jump from one action item to the next. I too often forget how beautiful those precious small moments are. What a true gift. A gift none of us should squander anymore.

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