Paper + Posy

When we set out to start a catering business 15 years ago, it honestly was a feast or famine type of situation.  Matt had been involved with a restaurant that was on the brink of shutting down and had happened to start a catering division around that same time.

We weren’t married yet, but we both threw ourselves into those first few catering under the name “Global: Catering & Event Planning” – Matt knew he could take the name Global and create any business with it, the ultimate diverse name.  That has always been Matt’s mindset – diversity. Which is why it shouldn’t surprise me that now, fifteen years later, our portfolio is extremely diverse!

Over the years we’ve become more than just caterers.  We’ve planned and produced some amazing events from start to finish. Some of those events we’ve hosted at our own venue in Downtown Bryan, The Kyle House.  Others, we’ve been tasked with the floral, custom paper products and linens in addition to the food. We’ve won National awards and worked with amazing vendors from all over the country.  Through all of this experience we’ve been able to see where our true passion lay, and where it doesn’t.

This has been the beauty of Matt’s plan for diversity.  As the industry changes, so do we. As our life changes, so does Global. We’ve been blessed to be able to ramp up or down with our work load based on our family and employee needs. Our oldest kids are now able to dream along with us and it is truly amazing to watch their own little entrepreneur minds whirl around new ideas.

The development of Paper + Posy has been a fun dream of our oldest daughter’s and mine for a year now.  We’ve had fun dreaming up how the shop will look and what all we will carry.  The retail side of business being a little foreign, there’s been a learning curve for sure. But, we are nearing the end of construction on our cute little shop, right across from The Kyle House, and launched the online store last night! To be honest, it’s both exciting and terrifying, but we are jumping in feet first.

The ability to show our kids how dreaming, planning, and lots of hard work – can turn into some truly special adventures, is such a gift. They have also seen us fail and get frustrated, but they watch us get back up and keep going.


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